Week 12

22nd Mar 2022

We are now in week 11 of our project and things are really starting to take shape.

Our partnership developer team across Colchester, Maldon and Tendring councils are busy working on making essential requirements work. For example, saving updates while offline, and then syncing them when signal connectivity is restored. Meaning our end-users can keep using Task Smart in areas of low or even no signal connectivity.

We need to get Task Smart ready for us to test as a team of developers and if we feel it is ready, then we are going to release it to our test users in our service areas that will be using it “out in the field”

As our build gets closer to release, each developer is highlighting the work they have completed, by presenting their screens during weekly Microsoft Teams calls with the project stakeholders.

It is great to see the screens, ability to change the colours & branding to personalise and how the dynamic approach is working to ensure end-users only see the information needed for their task to keep it clean & simple “look & feel” wise.

Our next demo will highlight our in-app security, with role-based access restricting what admin and data our end-users can see or change. For example, higher service access opens their view to see other users’ tasks, check progress across all teams and full admin opens all settings.