Week 36th

6th Sep 2022

The Greening team will be the next to start enjoying TaskSmart. We looked specifically at the end-to-end process around tree interventions from when the customer reports an issue online right through to completion of a task on TaskSmart. 


There were some tweaks to be made following the meeting, mostly around specific communications to customers where the task involves trees. Managing Tree Inspections & Reacting to requests that involve Health & Safety. Otherwise, it was reassuring to see that the model of task progression and throughput we had built with the service contacts earlier in the year stood up well and met their needs! There was some debate about how to manage tasks where no intervention is needed and how we can communicate that back to the customer. We reached the conclusion that the current design is as they would want. 


This week we have a further meeting to test the task management process with the tweaks in place, and with some users that will be owning the process day-to-day. Once we are content the process works and supports operational requirements fully, we can get the Greening Team properly live next week. They are already in TaskSmart adding tasks and getting a better understanding of the system ahead of the full launch.