Week 35th

30th Aug 2022

We have new features that will simplify the way app users will log and action their tasks with the V68 updates.  



  • Task Type is now mandatory on the New Task screen to avoid tasks without a Task Type being created and therefore not being assigned to the relevant team. Task Type now has an asterisk to denote it is mandatory and the tooltip on the next button has been updated to reflect the change. 
  • Adding an attachment after adding some task data no longer clears the task data when the user returns to the New Task screen. 
  • Tasks should no longer remain in the My Tasks list after being set to a Status of No action required. 
  • Task notes now correctly display no matter the route into the View or Edit Task screens. 


TaskSmart is such a powerful app with character, it has a lot of interesting elements to it. The filtering is exceptionally detailed and better than just looking at figures or lists. 

It also has added benefit of being easily reported on by PowerBI with some sample reports already in place. These are not only good for high level data and trends, but you can also narrow searches down to definitive details. 

For example, one could filter for just abandoned vehicles on a heat map and see where the most abandoned cars are logged and use that to drive decisions on prevention and enforcement. You will be surprised to discover just how many are that close to someone’s back yard or a particular location. The list is endless, you have graffiti, fly tipping and a lot more.