Week 33rd

18th Aug 2022

Following our update last week regarding some of the upgrades that we would like to implement for our app users to fully customise TaskSmart in a way that matches their expectations exactly.  


We welcome constant feedback, in fact, we have now launched comms to customers. We just want to make sure that TaskSmart distributes multiple streams of solutions everywhere possible. All the right elements are already present within the app for our developers to enhance into what users would like to see. The more feedback obtained, the happier it makes us and the quicker it is for users to optimise how they issue/action their tasks seamlessly. 


  • Find a Task by ID has now been added.  
  • Navigation issues where a particular path could get users stuck in a loop have been fixed.  
  • We have co with users and watched their working style to allow us to best meet a change request around making assigning tasks to users simpler and quicker. 
  • Launched comms to customers when task status changes. 
  • Exploring options to improve long-term usability of app when substantial number of tasks have been created.