Week 32nd

11th Aug 2022

We are currently having conversations around the improvement of “searches” now that there have been a lot of tasks being logged and actioned through TaskSmart. Although nothing has been confirmed or finalised, we are looking at ways to further improve the experience and ensure no records are missed when operatives are finding & picking up work.   


  • Find Record by ID function is on the way to help us with serving customers efficiently when they have queries around existing tasks. 
  • Filtering by date is likely to be one of the latest functionalities to be implemented, planned by the end of next week. 
  • We are looking at improving the task assignment user experience as users have reported they tend to do this work in batches and the current process design could be changed to support this in practice. 


Preparations are on-going with regards to the national launch of TaskSmart and less focus on Colchester install so that a lot more people can benefit from the TaskSmart App especially now that a lot of the bug fixes have been cleared. Although we still have a few of the expected bugs presenting themselves, we are happy that we have dedicated and effort driven developers that are responding to every one of them promptly.