Week 30th

25th Jul 2022

We are continuing to receive positive feedback from users as they get to grips with using the app in a real-world environment as well as a couple of bugs (as is always the case with any new software!) but these have been minor and simple to iron which also means that we are assessing real-time feedback and prioritising bugs and fixes. 


Our next steps are to continue to supply support and assistance to our initial batch of users whilst also preparing for the next phase roll out which will be to our VIP users (elected council members) in the coming weeks.  


We have now gathered and sealed off all the configuration Data that relates to TaskSmart within our environment and working out many ways of delivering it to Local Digital Funds (LDF) environments too. 


Finally, we are continuing to work across the team to map out improvements and enhancements that we can implement in Version 2 of TaskSmart. Good software continues to adapt and update with users’ expectations and requirements and TaskSmart is no different.