Week 29th, 2nd Update

20th Jul 2022

The Task Smart App is live in Colchester! We’re very excited to see how users are finding it.  


TaskSmart has come on leaps and bounds in terms of look and usability over the past few weeks as we close off the remaining issues from the final round of testing. We have spun off the Colchester edition of the app and added our specific needs around processes to the app such as status tracking for abandoned vehicles in the city and tracking work we undertake under service level agreements for other organisations.  


The start of this week was an interesting challenge as we worked through issues with solution migration, testing, trying, testing, trying, and trying again! After some tweaking we got the solution over, the Flows and the App in a good state and were ready to announce to users. As you might expect, with the heatwave our users who are out and about had to focus their efforts on supporting residents and delivery of essential services so we had a quiet start, but users will be growing steadily today because the weather is more bearable.  


We’re working through some initial access issues like ensuring users have the most recent version of the app but apart from that, we have not had any major issues or bugs yet. The support from our service thoroughly testing the app and communicating with us regularly about what they found has been invaluable in publishing a good quality app and we are very grateful to them for that. The lovely thing about this week has been shifting gears from fix, fix, fix! to taking a step back and looking again at a fresh app, with clean data, in production.  


We’re very proud of the build and flexibility of the app, and rightly so. Being able to update the app to match our services easily with just a tweak of configuration data in SharePoint is brilliant. 


 Now the focus is on supporting users as they pick up the app, alongside packaging up the generic TaskSmart version with supporting technology and instructions so other organisations can make use of it too. We’re so grateful to the Local Digital Fund for this opportunity to not only build something useful for us as a partnership but also other public sector organisations.