Week 28th, 2nd Update

15th Jul 2022

Key work has been completed on Location Mapping, Task Filtering and the VIP Task Lists as well as ensuring an improved navigation and a uniform “Look and Feel” throughout the app to ensure it adheres to professional development standards. 


We have also been discussing and planning ideas for Version 2, including new features as well as enhancements and improved functionality to existing features which will be available to all users in Version 1. 


We have encountered several technical challenges this week as we have been pushing to get everything in place and ready to “Go Live”, but the team have worked hard together to overcome these and get the app in a position ready for the big day on Monday. 

It’s hard to believe that after months of work we are now fast approaching the day when our app will be released to users in a live, “real-world” environment. We are exceptionally pleased with the work we have achieved, even though we have encountered numerous challenges along the way. 


The work will not stop after release, as we will be responding to any bug fixes or improvements that are necessary as well as planning in earnest what will be included in Version 2. We value the feedback of our users and want to provide the best possible software product for them to achieve their daily work requirements and we fully believe that TaskSmart will enable them to do so.