Week 28

13th Jul 2022

We’re currently thinking about how Colchester will implement TaskSmart ourselves as Responder 2 and getting the app solution package ready for moving to production on Monday. We’ve got a few specific Colchester needs that we will build into the app for our users, such as specific sub processes around Abandoned Vehicles and the ability to record and report on tasks carried out under contract to another organisation. 


Moving the solution has been an interesting challenge this week as we work through migration issues from our development platform to our partner authorities and our test environment. Things that once worked now not being cooperative. We are working across the authorities, testing, changing, and re-testing. All part of the fun of deployment! In fact, we’re off to do another migration test now! 


Our developers also continue to tweak the app right up to the wire, with new task types being added to the example configuration, more look & feel changes and testing them, user interface tweaks to some of the colour schemes and more. The map function is now locked in and ready for version 1 and we are already thinking about improvements for version 2. Exciting times as we start to think about how we improve the app even further once it’s out there.