Week 27th, 2nd Update

8th Jul 2022

The developing teams have been working hard on adding new area of filtering functionality for the Colchester implementation of TaskSmart so that teams can work in their areas and find the tasks in that area easily. 


We have been looking at the look and feel of the app again, \ based on feedback from our users and testers. We’re updating the task raise and edit screens again to make better use of screen space and with an eye on reducing the potential for accidental taps on the wrong fields by spreading them apart on the mobile device. 


The developers have been going through the app with a fine toothcomb ensuring the app theme is applied properly to our recent changes and additions to the app. In addition, they have added more tooltips and tidying some icons to make their purpose clearer to users. We have been updating some controls, so the order of data presented to the user is more readable and grouped appropriately.