Week 27

4th Jul 2022

A lot of effort has gone into smoothing the user experience this week with a focus on look, feel and usability. We have split the new task and edit task screens into steps for users to completely experience improved labelling around data and expectations on the user. We have also made sure that any data required for the app to function with a task is required before the user can move on and have a clear visual indicator when this is the case. 


Keeping with the theme of user experience, we have also added a pop-up screen which confirms the successful submission of a task when the user clicks Save before they are returned to their task list, so it is truly clear when the upload has worked. We have improved the navigation on the new task and edit task screens, grouping the buttons into a visually distinct area, increasing their size, and giving them tooltips to help with understanding. Alongside that, there have been improvements made to the filtering tab both in functionality and layout. 


There have also been multiple passes on all the screens as we move from functional building to polish and documentation. We are adding simple in-app live reporting, improving the prompt text across the app, and tidying up colours, layout, size and spacing. It really feels like we are close to delivery date now and the app is starting to feel close to finished. For now! Version 2 planning is already underway, and we are discussing features that did not make it into version 1 and our wish list for app improvements.