Week 26

27th Jun 2022

We are at the close of second round of user testing and looking at the issues, requests and changes that have been brought up by app users. The development team have been focused on progressing these and the remaining core functionality for the app in the run up to release date in the next couple of days. 


We have been carefully planning work packages and timing in the app to overcome some hurdles around collaborative working which is still an experimental feature. This has given us a sharp focus on what is required, what it depends on and the order in which we need the work packages completed for us to maximise efficiency when developers are in the app making changes. 


This has been unusual for the project and build, we have had to think on our feet as we find the limits of the technology we are using, or our brilliant users find those limits for us! This week we have thought again about mapping and what is available for version 1 of the app, so we know we have a good working system for users at go live.