Week 25

20th Jun 2022

This week we have been focusing on some tasks outside of the app, preparing for our imminent launch date. Developers have been going back to check documentation and code annotation to keep the app design and installation easy to understand and, if adopting organisations want, to further customise it to their needs. 


We have also been producing comms video with a walkthrough of the app for colleagues to get an early glimpse before the launch. Alongside that we have been readying checklists, plans and other tools to keep us on track to deliver for the due date. We are also attending less formal feedback sessions with users to talk through their experience testing and offer another channel for users to feedback their thoughts and experiences using the app. 


The developers have been testing themselves and applying fixes for bugs they find along the way. We have got some enthusiastic and keen-eyed colleagues from IT testing with us and the service users They have all been a great resource in terms of finding issues to iron out or naming areas of the app we need to focus support on.