Week 24

13th Jun 2022

We have been focusing largely on the next round of user testing to iron out issues and those dreaded, pesky bugs that come with software applications. Preparations around user lists, guidance and setting up feedback forms to accommodate the latest features will be added to the app.


We have itemised several ways of working on configurations for our own implementation of Task Smart which will be used by field operatives delivering services to residents and others. We have been working our way through around 180 tasks and setting up default ownership, communications back to residents and others raising tasks depending on the task they raised and more.


Alongside that we have been polishing some features in the app to get them working as users want, such as attachments and tooltips to provide contextual help. We will be running the app through the Power Platform solution checker to highlight areas that we may need to work on such as accessibility labelling and similar areas. We will be combing through the app, both for our own testing prior to user testing, to find and note any pain points in the app so we can improve the experience for users before we go live.