Week 23

6th Jun 2022

We are working through one of the challenging aspects of the project. Overcoming challenges raised by trying to balance the best possible features within the app while keeping to an affordable licensing model.
It’s a key time, everyone has an eye on our upcoming delivery date, thinking through what we can deliver for our version 1 and what we can improve for version 2 after launch. Development of apps do not just end with the delivery dates. We want to keep pushing the TaskSmart model and our implementations of it to get the best possible experience that we can offer our app users.

We are still working on task filtering by keeping a flexible model and offering multiple choices to the users and how to filter down to the tasks that are important to them. We want our app users to be able to get to the tasks they need quickly & without working through multiple app screens to get the information displayed on their phone screens. We have concluded on the best approach that will deliver that and save time.