Week 21

23rd May 2022

We have been finishing off various features that have been in development for a while as we test and iterate to get the best possible user experience without increasing licensing costs. We will see the various settings screens start to take shape such as user settings, admin settings and the app theming screens. We are also focusing efforts on the design and usability of the app as we have snag sessions to work through the app screen by screen. These allow us to note and fix any inconsistencies in design, changes needed around wording or general design issues like controls being large enough for the user to tap with fingers. Developers will be finishing off key navigational elements like the hamburger menu.

We will be looking at processes to help reduce the amount of time users will need to re-enter data such as copying a task forward from existing tasks so that all useful data is prepopulated when the user raises a new or similar tasks. This will help when the operatives in the field find multiple jobs where they expected just one so they can raise and complete new jobs easily and quickly while working an area.

We are beginning our work on the Power Automate Flows which will support the app with fetching and processing data for tasks and communicating back to the customer when task status is updated, amongst other things. With that, adding the test data for UAT2 and easing our SharePoint set up process we have a busy week ahead with a full show & tell session between the developers to keep everyone updated on areas of the app they may not be directly working on.