Week 19

9th May 2022

New week, new focus: we have been working hard on finishing off our location and mapping parts of the app and are excited to get them in front of users at the end of the month for the next round of user testing. This has been a major part of the entire process because anything around mapping isn’t as easy as it may sound. It’s been an interesting challenge trying to provide the best possible functionality without increasing licensing and set up costs, but we think we have found a good balance to assist our users without costing the organisations using the app more money.

We have also worked with our partner consultants at Foundation SP to package the app using environment variables so that organisations using the app find it simple to set up the back-end behind the app in their own environments. This promises to make something complex and time-consuming much quicker and simpler. We’re keen to test it out on ourselves as we prepare our users for their next round of testing.

Furthermore, we are also making good progress on supporting the use of the app as much as possible in places with no network connectivity. Our users will be using the app out in the field, on their mobile devices and as they cover a large geographical area there will be times where they do not have a signal. Balancing the need for configurability and storing app configuration data on SharePoint with being able to work in a place with no network signal has been an interesting challenge. We have found a model which supports the main purpose of the app such as viewing, updating and raising tasks without overloading the app with copies of large data sets. While some features will not be available as they rely on network connectivity, we feel we’ve struck a good balance to allow users to still be able to do most of their record keeping where they are physically working.

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