Week 17

25th Apr 2022

We will be spending some time on optimising our planned sprints and work packages this week.
As some of our research and proof-of-concepts have finished, we have been adjusting our planned work packages to implement the agreed approach. We’ve been thinking carefully about all use cases across the partnership so that the app is versatile enough to handle several types of implementations to solve different users and business needs.

We now have the attachments functionality working within the app and a plan to add attachments to relevant screens, such as viewing the attachments in an allocated tasks or adding attachments when raising new tasks. We have also improved the user experience when adding and viewing notes relating to tasks. The app now seamlessly keeps a history of notes over time in one place. Furthermore, we will be improving this with an automated date and time stamp so users can easily see how details of or notes on a task can change over time.

We have agreed a way to handle new users to the app. We will notify the user when they open the app to contact their local team to get set up. This will benefit users and prevent a potentially degraded user experience. We want our users to be happy from the first time they open the app!

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