Week 14

4th Apr 2022

Last week was a busy and interesting time as we finalised our environments ready for user testing. The Task Smart app is now available in each of the three partner authorities test environments for users to get their first look at the app so far. We are excited to hear their feedback on functionality, design, look and feel.

Our developers have been co-authoring to ensure that all the features promised for testing are in place and ready. We are now starting to work through the next set of technical challenges. We are meeting for a development session to agree on ways that we can build Location Pinning into the Task Smart app. We will assess various options of how we will handle uploading photos and other documents to a task direct from a user’s device. Implementations will then take place to tie down a ‘security model’ based on user’s roles in their different organisations.

We have started building task filtering in the app so that users can find the tasks that they might need to see quickly and easily. Already we have several pre-defined filters in the work queue area of the app. We are also perfecting ways that task filtering can be expanded for our next round of user testing as we implement custom filtering ability to give users more flexibility and control.

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