Week 13

28th Mar 2022

UX and UI are coming together, as we shape our components, screens and functionality around navigation and task options that make-up our Task Smart app. The screens are bursting with functionalities that will almost make you want to start using the app immediately.

Our partnership developers are successfully working within in our Microsoft Centre of Excellence development environment. Making best use of the recently released co-authoring feature. Meaning our sole source of the truth enables version control and each authority can see the work being completed as & when it happens. This is particularly useful in our weekly demos, which from this week, are going to be recorded and uploaded on YouTube channel for you to watch and catch-up on our progress.

We had our demo last week; it gave us a stunning insight to what Task Smart will look like when the app is released to end users. Location Pinning was looking particularly interesting in the demo. I had to take a screen shot as part of this week’s update for you to visualise a preview of Task Smart app once the developers release it for your benefit. Unfortunately, the screen shot was filtered out, but we will keep on trying to explore other ways of giving you something to visualise.

Our main focus for this coming week:
Offline working code to check for connectivity has been brought into the app.
Task queues and filtering user interfaces have been built ready for user acceptance testing.
We are trialling “co-authoring”.