New Year, New Challenges, Welcome to 2022

15th Feb 2022

So far 2022 has got off to a strong start for our team working on our Responder2 task management application.  

After spending December working with our partners to develop requirements and understand the needs for the application, January started with a bang with planning the development and implementation of the project. 




During January we worked with our partners to develop a robust project plan, ensuring that we have documented every step needed to ensure that our solution is delivered on time with every important element completed.  With this in mind, we are happy to announce that CBC365 Solutions have welcomed a new member of the team, Janet Adesanya.  Janet is coming to us with a wealth of project management experience, and with her ability to keep a firm hand on our project planning and progress, our work on Responder2 is looking bright.  




Like many organisations we have been feeling the impact of Covid-19 as two key members of the team have picked up the virus along the way. This hasn’t stopped us from moving forward with Responder2 and have taken the initiative to reprioritise our project tasks and focus on activities we can do rather than stall the development. 

As February began, the team has moved away from planning and has started researching features, designing, and building. Malcolm Hackney, from our partner organisation Tendring District Council, designed the data structure needed to allow Responder2 to work in the way we need it to.  As with so many applications it is what is going on behind the scenes, that users won’t see, that are vital in ensuring a fully working app!  

We are starting with a new base app, to allow co-authoring so that we can work with our developers across partners to build the solution. We are also developing the standard components that will help form the basis of the structure of the app and define the look and feel for users. These are the building blocks on which any further development will be based and taking time at the beginning of the build to get this right is essential. 

The team has also spent some time looking at Responder, the first iteration of our task management solution, understanding its layout and look and feel. By understanding the layout of the existing app, we as a team can look at improvements in layout and functionality for Responder2. 

We are also starting to identify our application testers, members of staff that will be using Responder2 as part of their roles regularly.  It is essential that we have users involved at every stage to ensure that our teams and services have a useable and responsive application to help them deliver solutions to our communities. 


What is Next?


As we move forward into March, we are looking forward to developing more of the application features, tools, and flows, and creating the framework of the app from which it can grow. 

We will also be sharing more updates on the CBC365 Solutions LinkedIn Page, where you find out more about the team and what we are working on.

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