Progress Update One

15th Dec 2021

Colchester Borough Council (CBC 365 Solutions) have been working with our partnership authorities, Maldon and Tendring District Councils, to bring together our development requirements for the first version of Responder2.

Focusing on the user experience, all partners have been engaging with their respective services and teams, to understand and capture their needs for managing essential tasks and activities out in the community.

Understanding these needs, is an essential step in providing a clear view on what our application will be delivering and enables us to sign-off on the requirements which will become part of our application design model template. Offering an assurance that it will deliver an effective solution across all of ourĀ  partnership authorities.

CBC 365 Solutions and our partners will be coming together to finalise and lockdown each of the authorities requirements next week.

Our next update will be following this meeting, as once our requirements are agreed and signed off, we can begin to capture the structure for our Responder2 application model. As this will provide the detail on how we are going to build the application as a task management solution that can be configured and optimised to maximise adoption.