We have made good progress and going to be updating you weekly from now on.

14th Mar 2022

We made some great headway over the last couple of months; however, we did not move at the pace we hoped to, as Covid-19 impacted on the team.

Luckily, we are back to full-strength now resource wise and pace is picking up and we are starting to see the physical application screens take shape.

Our Task Smart application work is currently focusing on designs and features such as tools, flows and screens. We are close to having 15 screens built and looking to demo them across our internal partnership project team and Local Digital Collaboration & Engagement contact. Our first visual representation of what the application “look & feel” will be.

It is starting to get interesting now the build is taking shape and with this in mind, our focus has shifted to weekly interactive meetings and demoing to the group above. With the focus on:

Show & Tell – share your screen and demo what you have been working on, navigating the application screens / components / lists they have built. As practical is always better than theory (I am a pragmatist after all).

Weekly Updates: We want to keep you in the loop on what is happening and you can click on the following link to see our latest progress.

In addition to our own internal weekly demos, will also be regularly updating our external project site and LinkedIn pages.

Bookmark both and keep coming back each week, to get the latest updates on Task Smart, which is going to be a re-deployable Task Management application, which you can quickly set-up, configure and start using for your own task needs.