Week 30th, 2nd Update

28th Jul 2022

We had a remarkable visit from the Local Digital Fund within the central government Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities earlier on today.    The main purpose of the visit was to interact with operatives who are out-and-about, carrying on with their day as they process their designated tasks through the TaskSmart app. One […]

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Week 30th

25th Jul 2022

We are continuing to receive positive feedback from users as they get to grips with using the app in a real-world environment as well as a couple of bugs (as is always the case with any new software!) but these have been minor and simple to iron which also means that we are assessing real-time […]

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Week 29th, 2nd Update

20th Jul 2022

The Task Smart App is live in Colchester! We’re very excited to see how users are finding it.     TaskSmart has come on leaps and bounds in terms of look and usability over the past few weeks as we close off the remaining issues from the final round of testing. We have spun off the […]

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Week 29

19th Jul 2022

We are working hard in this heat to finish the final tweaks in packaging Task Smart app for release across our organisation and operatives.     As always, last-minute issues have risen but we have been working through these and are moving forward at pace. We sealed the final tweaks and due to release TaskSmart this […]

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Week 28th, 2nd Update

15th Jul 2022

Key work has been completed on Location Mapping, Task Filtering and the VIP Task Lists as well as ensuring an improved navigation and a uniform “Look and Feel” throughout the app to ensure it adheres to professional development standards.    We have also been discussing and planning ideas for Version 2, including new features as […]

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Week 28

13th Jul 2022

We’re currently thinking about how Colchester will implement TaskSmart ourselves as Responder 2 and getting the app solution package ready for moving to production on Monday. We’ve got a few specific Colchester needs that we will build into the app for our users, such as specific sub processes around Abandoned Vehicles and the ability to […]

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Week 27th, 2nd Update

8th Jul 2022

The developing teams have been working hard on adding new area of filtering functionality for the Colchester implementation of TaskSmart so that teams can work in their areas and find the tasks in that area easily.    We have been looking at the look and feel of the app again, \ based on feedback from […]

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Week 27

4th Jul 2022

A lot of effort has gone into smoothing the user experience this week with a focus on look, feel and usability. We have split the new task and edit task screens into steps for users to completely experience improved labelling around data and expectations on the user. We have also made sure that any data […]

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Week 26

27th Jun 2022

We are at the close of second round of user testing and looking at the issues, requests and changes that have been brought up by app users. The development team have been focused on progressing these and the remaining core functionality for the app in the run up to release date in the next couple […]

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Week 25

20th Jun 2022

This week we have been focusing on some tasks outside of the app, preparing for our imminent launch date. Developers have been going back to check documentation and code annotation to keep the app design and installation easy to understand and, if adopting organisations want, to further customise it to their needs.    We have […]

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