CBC 365 Solutions

Technology Solutions are part of the Colchester Borough Council ICT  team and is currently made up by the following team members:

Technology Solutions Manager – Vaughan Johnson

Microsoft 365 Specialist – Justin Phillips

Technology Solutions Developer – Terry Cooper

Technology Solutions Developer – Arathy Thoniyil

ICT Digital Programme Lead – Janet Adesanya

Engagement & Adoption Officer – Vanessa Bird

We work within the Microsoft 365 environment, with a focus on the Power Platform and canvas applications.

CBC365 Solutions has a catalogue of applications, that we are continuing to develop & build on, as we increase our ability to support essential processes and service areas.

Our Partnership

Colchester, Maldon and Tendring authorities have recently joined together, in a partnership that enables us to develop applications & share best practice in coding, build and process standards, with an increased resilience across a wider team of developers enhancing our knowledge & resources.

This will enable us to build a greater number of applications within a progressive development lifecycle environment. Meaning we can build standard applications that can be developed & configured using low-coding out-of-the-box

Our extended partnership team includes:

Maldon District Council 

Lead ICT Specialist – Grant Hulley

Anton Wheatley

Nick Whiteley

Tendring District Council 

IT System Specialist  – Malcolm Hackney